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the legend of

New York City, 1965. A New York City perfume salesman named Alan Stillman walks into a bar located at First Avenue and 63rd Street. His idea was to attract trendy models and stewardesses into the neighborhood by jazzing up this unassuming beer joint. Single-handedly, the perfume man turns this modest location an instant success. He called it TGI Fridays™.

Built upon a legacy of great food, inventive drinks and big fun, Fridays™ has become a favorite place for friends to congregate together and enjoy a casual dining experience. We have brought the world such famous signature items as our Loaded Potato Skins, Chicken Fingers, Buffalo Wings, our Jack Daniel’s Grill® and classic concoctions like our Signature Margarita and the Ultimate Mudslide. The flips and spins of our ingenius flair bartending have become legendary, not to mention our wait staff’s unstoppable service and never-ending smiles. Today, we have more than 931 TGI Fridays™ in some 60 countries worldwide. And, since everyday is Friday at TGI Fridays™ that’s 6,517 Fridays™ every single week.

A guy walks into a bar. Fifty years later, the party is still going on.


Our goal is to become the number one casual dining restaurant in Guam and the Micronesia Region.

On November 15, 2000, Watami USA Guam was established as a Guam subsidiary of the Japanese company, WATAMI.

In our goal to be the number one restaurant, we need to remember the most important factor: THE GUEST.

Even though our background is short, It is also very diversified. This makes us the ideal company to cater with excellence to all our guests. At Watami, we believe to be the company from the people, for the people.
This makes us an integral part of the society of Guam. As such, we do not make the distinction between guests from the island or from tourists off the island.
At Watami, we treat every guest, colleague, vendor or neighbor with respect disregarding their etnic background, whether Chamorro, Filipino, Japanese, American, Korean or otherwise.
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